Which Size Hot Tub is Best for Me?

If ultimate relaxation is what you seek, you’re a good candidate for the hot tub lifestyle. Nothing beats soaking away the cares of the day in your own backyard spa. Creating that perfect oasis means choosing the hot tub that will best meet all of your needs. You’ll want a spa that will not only blend well into your landscaping, but will also accommodate the size of your family.

When purchasing a hot tub, size definitely matters. Here are some key factors to consider before you start shopping:

1. Available Space

If your yard is small or if there’s a specific area where the hot tub needs to be installed, the spa you purchase must be functional for that space. Purchasing a unit that is too large will not only ruin your feng shui, but it could make the hot tub hard to enter and exit as well as hard to clean.

To make sure your spa will work well in the designated space, measure the area carefully. Record all dimensions and take your list with you when you start shopping. Having the measurements in hand will better enable the experts at your local dealership to advise you on the size and style options available to you.

2. Number of Users

If you’re not constrained by space, your best bet is to choose spa size based on how many people will be using it.

If it’s just for you and your spouse or partner, then a 2-person hot tub is a natural choice. If you have children, plan to occasionally invite a few friends to join you, or simply want more space to stretch your legs, then a 4-person tub is ideal.

If you have a large family or plan to use your spa for entertaining, a 6-person hot tub or larger will work best for you. Larger spas can also be used effectively for physiotherapy or underwater exercising and stretching.

3. Your Needs

Your size is a factor to consider when purchasing a hot tub. If you’re well above or below average height, choosing the right hot tub is vital to your enjoyment.  Most hot tubs are at least 31 inches deep. If you’re well above average height, you could find it difficult to keep your shoulders below the water line. If you’re under five feet tall, you could be forced to sit either on the edge of your seat, or, worse, on your knees — and that is not a recipe for relaxation.

Always test the hot tub you’re interested in before purchase. This ensures your comfort long-term before shelling out thousands of dollars. In most cases, customers who are very tall are best served in a larger unit while smaller tubs work better for those below average height.

Spa Crafters in San Antonio

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