Complete your home with the fun products you’ve always wanted. From jaw-dropping water fountains that create a peaceful atmosphere, to lovely pottery that offers both function and style to your living spaces. We even carry slot machines to complement any game room or basement. To learn more about our available accessories, visit Spa Crafters in San Antonio today.

Slot Machines

Children, adults and everyone else in between can’t pass on a slot machine game, making your home a place for fun, recreation and entertainment. We have a range of slot machines for sale at our San Antonio home and backyard leisure store. Simply speak with one of our talented and friendly team members to find the perfect slot machine for your basement, games room or living space today. We would be delighted to help you make your home party central!


Calming and picturesque, every home can benefit from a fountain. Not only do they provide a beautiful water feature that’s perfect for any living space, indoors and outdoors alike, but they can also help to create a more welcoming and calming atmosphere. If you’ve had a particularly long day, simply bask in the ambiance that your water fountain creates and read a good book or enjoy a cup of tea.


Beautiful and functional, pottery can complete just about any living space. Whether you aim to use pottery to complete your living room or you prefer to make good use of it in the kitchen, our pieces of pottery are built to last. Finely crafted with quality materials and completed with finishing touches that are sure to drop jaws, visit Spa Crafters today to browse our wide range of pottery for sale.


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